Steam Cleaning And Hot Water Extraction

There are two things used in carpet cleaning: water and cleaning agents. These two materials form the basis of the difference between having carpet steam cleaned and blown clean with hot water. The process of cleaning the carpets and rugs determines what method will be used. The water temperature and cleaning product used in steam cleaning is not the same as when cleaning carpet with hot water. 

You should know other differences between these cleaning methods before having your rugs or carpets cleaned out. They differ in usage, cleaning process and cleaning materials.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

Cleaning material used

Steam cleaning involves the use of steam from heated water. This technique effectively removes germs and allergens, but since the carpet fibres are not rinsed, any mud or stain on the carpet won’t go out. As for hot water extraction carpet cleaning, the water is very hot but remains liquid to remove carpet dirt effectively. Steam will clearly bubble from the hot water used here, but it’s still water and not steam entirely.


To remove stains thoroughly, carpet manufacturers prescribe the use of a hot water extraction method to clean their carpets. For carpet fibres not to get damaged they need a low-temperature cleaning. Carpet stains will go off with hot water extraction cleaning while steam cleaning will cause stains to remain in the carpet fibres.

Cleaning process

Carpet cleaning experts will first apply a cleaning agent to the carpet during hot water extraction. This is to disintegrate any mud or soils embedded in the fibres. Hot water is spread over the carpet and drawn out at once to free the fibres of stains, dirt and mud. You may rent or buy a carpet cleaner, but a DIY (do-it-yourself) cleaning will not suffice as these machines are not powerful enough to clean the carpet rigorously. Again, the carpet can get heavily soaked leading to mould formation and detergent residue may be left behind. Experts employ a technique that ensures these hassles are avoided and the carpet is hygienically clean and fresh. They also ensure the carpet quickly dries up.

Steam cleaning of carpets and hot water extraction are methods that have been mixed up so much that homeowners cannot choose which is best. In the end, hot water extraction offers an effective cleaning. Many expert cleaners also use this technique. Sometimes what professionals call steam cleaning is the hot water method. You should ask that your carpet cleaner explain their method before starting as steam cleaning a couch or carpet doesn’t involve rinsing the fibres.

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