Leather Cleaning

Many people don’t think twice about professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning but will overlook leather cleaning. It’s not until leather furniture starts to crack that people consider calling a professional. By that time it’s too late and an expensive leather repair or replacement is the only answer.

If you want leather furniture to stay soft, supple and crack free for years to come then professional leather cleaning is the answer.

Leather furniture should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Our leather cleaning and restoration service involves a gentle but extremely thorough cleaning process, followed by conditoning/moisturising and finally the application of a protective coating.

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Leather Cleaning Process

      • Leather CleaningOur leather cleaning service is completely done by hand. This ensures your leather furniture is given the utmost care and attention. We’ll never use upholstery cleaning machines as they are too harsh and not suitable for cleaning leather hide.
      • We use specialised leather cleaning solutions for all top coated leathers which rejuvenate and protect leather, helping to preserve its natural oils.

Leather Conditioning and Moisturising

    • Once the leather cleaning is complete we apply high quality conditioners/moisturisers to add back the moisture required to keep the leather soft and supple.
    • Conditioning and moisturising prevents cracking, guarantees the original quality of the leather and ensures your leather furniture retains that new look even after years of use.

Leather Protection

      • Finally we we apply leather protection to complete the process.
      • Leather protection can prevent permanent stains from occurring when you have those inevitable spills.