Carpet Cleaning Services Wollongong

Do you need expert and professional carpet cleaning services in Wollongong?

Who are we? 

We are Stay Clean Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery, and we offer some of the finest commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services here in Wollongong. Our carpet is not like any other, as we use advanced encapsulation technology to give our clients an exceptional cleaning result. 

Through the help of our advanced encapsulation technology, the result after our carpet cleaning is much better than the result of other traditional carpet cleaning techniques. What’s better? It uses detergents that do not leave behind any residue after cleaning. This means you do not have to worry about unfavourable smells in the air. Finally, as a bonus, our technique protects your carpet from being soiled so easily after cleaning. Want to know more? Get in touch with us today.

What makes our cleaning services beneficial?

Besides an exceptional cleaning service, you stand to benefit much more when you get us involved and contact us for your residential carpets and upholstery cleaning services. Some of these benefits include the following:

Very fast drying service

We know how anxious we get when we have a carpet that is yet to dry after being cleaned. You would not want to step on it and create another stain in its wet fibres. With our help, you would not have to worry about that anymore. It does not matter if the carpets are in the home, offices or other commercial areas, with our quick-drying service, you can start walking on your freshly cleaned carpets immediately. The different fibres and quality of carpets do not really matter, we treat each carpet specifically, but with the same professional level of cleaning. 

Longer lasting service

Do you know how it is easy for wet carpets or freshly cleaned carpets to get easily stained? With us, you will not have to worry about that either. By contacting our Wollongong carpet cleaning services, your carpets can stay cleaner for longer periods of time before they will have to be cleaned again. How does this happen? Our encapsulation technique keeps the carpets clean for long by trapping dirt after the cleaning process has been completed. This protects your carpet in the long run and prevents it from getting stained too easily.

Highly trained and certified cleaners

You get to have highly trained and certified cleaners working on your carpets when you call us to help. All our cleaners have been certified and they are all qualified for this job. Call us today for a one of a kind experience.

What makes us so unique?

We are not like other carpet cleaners in Wollongong. We stand out as a result of our eight-step cleaning process. This process is designed to give all our clients excellent results. We pay attention to the right cleaning method that best suits the carpet. The common materials we use for carpet cleaning are water and cleaning agents. 

Depending on which material is used, the cleaning method can either be steam cleaning or blow cleaning with hot water. If you would like to know about our cleaning or you wish to contact us for carpet cleaning services in Wollongong, get in touch with us today.