Carpet Cleaning Corrimal

Spruce up Your Carpet Corrimal

Whether your carpet is made from synthetic or natural fibres, they are important pieces that improve home aesthetics. Based on their value, keeping them clean, fresh, and stronger is critical. Apart from daily carpet cleaning, a deep periodic clean is also necessary to remove embroiled grime, treat crushing (when carpet fibres get bent and compressed), and correct blooming (overall wear and tear). Who else can help you with this service in Corrimal if not Stay Clean?

Carpets go through a lot. Feet traffic, upholstery, and other home activities put so much dust, dirt, bacteria and mould on carpets. You need to have a routine for getting your carpet cleaned up so your health is not affected in any way. Give us a call for a meticulous carpet cleaning in Corrimal.

Who are we?

Stay Clean Carpet & Upholstery are one of the finest hands in the business of carpet and upholstery cleaning for living and workspaces in and around Corrimal. At Stay Clean, your carpets and upholstery stay clean as we offer specialty cleaning services designed to restore residential and commercial carpets. Our cleaning techniques boast of removing the most stubborn carpet stains and blemish. Using hot water extraction and a fast turbo-dry cleaning method, we can get your carpet thoroughly cleaned and ready in no time.

Other advanced carpet cleaning methods like encapsulation and steam cleaning are utilised at Stay Clean, depending on what we notice after assessing your carpet.

Thanks to our Stay Clean cleaning technicians, proudly certified, your carpet will not remain dirty anymore. And our cleaning results are long-lasting!

How we clean carpets and upholstery at Stay Clean

Our services are offered to homes, offices, schools and other commercial buildings. But how do we keep up with satisfying our different categories of customers in Corrimal? That is simple. We employ a carpet and upholstery cleaning pattern summarised in the following 8 steps.

  1. Pre-cleaning evaluation: For your carpet cleaning Corrimal, our team will first examine your carpet with an eye out for visible stains, frayed edges and other areas where serious sprucing will be needed.
  2. Prepping: Having noticed the obvious trouble spots, we move on to prep these areas by moving household items away from the spots so our cleaning equipment can move unhindered.
  3. Pre-vacuuming: Using our high-performance commercial vacuum, loose soils and dirt are removed from your carpet before applying a cleaning solution. We use the stated machine because it is more effective at removing debris than the regular vacuum.
  4. Choosing cleaning product: Carpets need detergents to wash off dirt, remove smell and refresh the fibres. The type of detergent we use is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Again, our cleaning agents do not add any smell to your carpets nor leave residue behind. 
  5. Application of detergent: We will now proceed to cover your entire carpet with the best cleaning agent using a fine sprayer. This is carefully done so that no part is left uncovered by the detergent.
  6. Cleaning proper: Using our high-end carpet cleaners, your carpet will be given an A-Grade cleaning that will leave it free from yeast, fungi, mould and all sort of unwanted microbes present. As for stains, we blot them out as scrubbing can make carpet fibres to fray. This includes the worst stains.
  7. Re-inspection: After cleaning your carpet, our technicians will take a good look at it again to identify possible stains or blemishes that may have been missed or left out. If there are any, we would repeat the cleaning until all dirt and stains are completely bumped out.
  8. Furniture replacement. We would return all furniture to their position. But we advise that home furniture be rearranged to change the pattern of traffic on the carpet to avoid crushing.

Let your carpet stay clean with Stay Clean!

Are you in Corrimal? Do you need a carpet and upholstery cleaning that is professionally done? We are your Corrimal carpet cleaning experts positioned to cover your upholstery and carpet needs. With our team of certified and experienced cleaners, we offer one of the finest cleaning experiences.

If you need a free quote and bespoke expert carpet cleaning Corrimal, call us.