8 Step Cleaning Process

Stay Clean Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery follow a set 8 step cleaning process which is designed to give you the best possible results. We are proud members of the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) and guarantee to observe the ACCI Code of Practice and to adhere to Australian Standard 3733/1995.

With an ACCI certified technician at every job you can rest easy knowing your cleaning needs are in safe qualified hands.

1. Visual Pre- Assessment

On arrival we visually inspect your carpet and/or upholstery for obvious areas of concern such as spots and stains. We will also ask if there are any problem areas that are not immediately visible such as pet urine.

2. Cleaning Area Preparation

If at the time of booking you chose to have your furniture moved, we’ll happily move it for you however we do ask that you remove fragile or delicate items off the furniture. Due to OH&S weight restrictions, we will NOT move items such as bookcases, fish tanks, display cabinets, entertainment units or other large bulky items.

3. Professional Pre-Vacuum

This is the most important step in our process as we know getting quality results that stay clean longer starts with a thorough professional vacuum to remove all dry soil BEFORE any pre-spraying of detergents occurs. We use a commercial strength upright vacuum cleaner with a hospital grade HEPA filtration system that removes much more soil and allergens than a standard household vacuum cleaner.

Even if you tell us you vacuumed just before we arrived we will still pre-vacuum your job, that’s how important we know pre-vacuuming is.

4. Detergent Selection

Our professional ACCI certified technician will determine which products best suit your cleaning requirements. We only use cutting edge products that have been approved by the ACCI. All our products are non-toxic and are child, pet and environmentally friendly and include odour eliminators and fresh smelling deodorisers.

5. Detergent Pre-Spray

We apply just the right amount of cleaning product using our fully portable sprayer and give it the appropriate amount of dwell time to ensure the best possible cleaning results.

Our products are safe to use on all fibre types, including wool.

6. Dirt & Grime Removal

All pre-sprayed areas are thoroughly scrubbed using our ACCI approved cleaning equipment, leaving your carpet and/or upholstery Cleaner Fresher Brighter & Healthier than ever before.

7. Final Spot & Stain Inspection

Our experienced ACCI certified technician will inspect any remaining spots and stains to determine which ones require further attention. We DO NOT guarantee 100% removal of all spots and stains as the cause of a spot or stain, how long it has been there and the type of fibre/material you have all determine whether the spot or stain is removable.

8. Furniture Replacement

Furniture is now returned to its original position and foam blocks or plastic tabs are placed under wooden or metal legs to protect your carpet and furniture.