Environmental Sustainability

Green Pathway Certified

The Green Pathway program was developed to support Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) members that want to have their environmental practices formally recognised.

Whilst many businesses claim to be environmentally friendly they very often have not done anything to match that claim and would not pass an environmental audit.

To achieve Level 1 Certification in the Green Pathway program Stay Clean Carpet Cleaning Wollongong fulfilled various program elements such as environmental policy, environmental aspects, objectives & targets, legal & other requirements, operational control, monitoring & measurement, training, awareness & competence and records management. Each of these elements were then verified by a third party. The program does not allow for self declarations and is a credible program supported by two independent companies.

Stay Clean Carpet Cleaning Wollongong:

  • Uses 90% less water than steam cleaning
  • Works best with cold water so energy is not wasted heating water
  • Has no waste water to dispose of
  • Only uses bio-degradeable detergents recommended by the ACCI
  • Does not produce any toxic waste
  • Recycle all packaging and materials that can be recycled