Mattress Cleaning

It is important for your health that your mattress is cleaned at least once every 12 months.

matress cleaningRegardless of the age of your mattress, it may have up to 10 million mites inside. Dust mites thrive in the humid conditions of the inside of your mattress. Unfortunately, they survive on the skin cells which build up on your mattress. Many people have dust mite allergies, which are caused by the mites’ proteins and their faeces. One gram of dust can have almost 20 000 dust mites, the high quantity of dust mites close to your mouth throughout the night means you will be breathing them in. This will exacerbate any allergies, cause a runny nose, sneezing and poorer quality sleep.

In order to improve the quality of your sleeping environment, we offer a deep cleaning service for your mattress. We use the same encapsulation technology to clean mattresses as we do carpets. This provides an intense cleaning service that lasts longer, removes the mites and does not leave you sleeping on a wet mattress. The cleaning process will also mitigate the buildup of the mites throughout the year, as the cleaning technique coats the mattress fibres in an encapsulating film that prevents dust, dirt and skin cells from sticking to them. We also ensure our detergents are biodegradable and that they are safe for your children and pets.

Our services are available throughout the Illawarra. Contact us today for a free quote.